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Liberate Your Information!

Do you have database reports that you can’t see on your phone? Maybe your business processes are locked up in a giant Excel spreadsheet? Do you want a dashboard for your in-house inventory system?

Many companies will sell you their shiny new product... and then sell you consulting services on how to use it, and then sell you training services for your employees, and then charge an on-going fee for maintenance.

But why implement an entirely new system when we can enhance your current systems?

We know old technology, and we know new technology. Let us bridge the two worlds for you!

Our Solutions

Technology is great, but technology that solves real business problems is even greater. Shown below are some systems we have created. (Use the navigation arrows on the left and right to cycle through the screens.)

About Silver Sprocket

Jeff Sommer
Your Host

Silver Sprocket exists to serve the tech­nol­o­gy needs of small bus­i­ness­es. The found­er, Jeff Sommer, has spent over twenty years in the information technology field, working as a software developer for a variety of companies in a variety of industries in the Cincinnati and Dayton area. Armed with two decades’ of technical and business knowledge, and wanting to deliver more value to more people, Jeff founded Silver Sprocket.

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